Blogs de opinión | 13 de febrero de 2018

Every one of us walks through different paths and goes through diverse experiences on our way to reach our objectives in life. We will all have to cope with unexpected situations, adapt to issues on the go and find the way to make things happen through creativity and a positive attitude. Wouldn’t you agree with these sentences?



If you do, then you definitely know there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution to help us go over temporary setbacks or even a rough season. It usually depends on our ability to assess possible threats beforehand and on our skills to turn every obstacle into an opportunity. I guess this is not the first time you hear about these concepts, is it?



Most of us dream of success, fame, fortune and wealth… but how many of us would be willing to focus on every step of the way -a process, if you will-, risking the chance to lose sight of that coveted finish line? It’s not an easy choice, since every kind of media outlet tends to send messages of a “fast and easy” way to stardom. Right here, right now, I’d like to tell you that the way to the top is a long, winding road full of twists and turns that will help us to get there as soon as we’re deemed worthy (much like Thor and his famous “Mjolnir” hammer).


No matter what our story is, there are some common components when it comes to ways to succeed and tips to get closer to the goals we’ve set for ourselves in the past. One last question remains to be asked -and answered honestly-: Are we walking towards the top right now? Or are we “lost in the woods” trying to keep track of our life-long dreams? If you’re not sure about the answer, I’d like to point out three “Golden rules” that will help you to leave an everlasting footprint in this world.


Commitment: Whatever it is you do (waiting tables at the restaurant, working the graveyard shift, walking dogs for a living or learning from your teachers at school), the first thing you need to do is to dive into the process wholeheartedly… believing in it as if it were your life saver and holding onto it like your life depended on that will make a world of difference! If “driven” and “focused” are the words that anyone would use to describe you, then you’ve understood how important it is to not only “talk the talk”, but also “walk the walk”.


Discipline: It may take longer than expected; it may mean less hours of relaxation; it may lead you away from a “happy-go-lucky” lifestyle… but believe me, it will pay off… with a vengeance! Adopting self-assuring habits and sticking to them every single day will absolutely provide you with dexterity and poise over the skills you want to master. It’s about not giving up and making it an essential part of your daily routine.


Effort: Nothing great ever happens to those who just wait for things to happen! Get off your chair, dust yourself up and ruffle some feathers. Mix it up, paint the town red and get down and dirty! Sure, you will be more likely to go to bed at night with a couple of sore muscles and exhausted feet, but you will also realize ACTION is the first step towards satisfaction! After all, lazy town is just a place for those who believe in comfort zones and zero evolution, right?



Hope these words struck a chord inside of you, dear readers… for the power to turn things around lies within each one of us and our potential to write the biggest story in the planet awaits with each new sunrise. Commitment, Discipline and Effort will be your best friends in the wonderful journey you’ll start towards your goals. Don’t just believe it…

Be + live it!

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